[[Books]] [chap, novel, collection]

Amerixana, 2021 from Ignite Press (sold out/limited) [chap]

[[Journals]] [p, f, cnf]

Hobart, “My Lover Strokes the Scar Between my Breasts Before We Fall to Sleep” [p]

Nonwhite and Woman: 131 Micro Essays “Are You Sure that Isn’t Your Drinking Name?” [cnf]

The Fourth River, “Hernan” [p]

Rattle, “Erasur” [p]

DIAGRAM, “Aftermath” [p]

Lily Poetry Review, (Issue 6) “The Names We Used for God” [p]

Ghost City Review, Convergence” [p]

Poem-A-Day,Mourning” [p]

Complete Sentence Lit, “Ramón Ayala Is My Father” [f]

New Delta Review, “Actus Reus: Wh(Hap/that/penn/night/ed)at: Mens Rea” [p]

The Louisville Review, “Hospital Window” [p]

Barrio Beat Magazine, “Today I Learned Cicadas In Arizona Appear Every Summer But In My Lover’s Home State He Waits Years” [p]

[PANK], “Sometimes I Fall Asleep in my Mother’s Garden and Remember Us Picking in Fields” [p]

Chapter House JournalTomatoed” [p]

Essay Daily, “Eye’m Alone Here” [cnf]

Miracle Monocle, “Billowing” [p]

Susquehanna ReviewExtinguished Cars, Stars, Cigarettes” [p]

 Curios (2019) “On Returning”, “American Honey”, “Home” [p]

Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies (2018) 

The Tunnels (2018) “The Hill”,[f] “She Whispers”, “She Died Last Night” [p]


Northern Arizona Playwriting Showcase (2021) “Monsoon Season: The Fool”

Northern Arizona Playwriting Showcase (2018) “Aliens are Out There”

[[Views]] Inter- Re-

Thin Air Magazine (2018), More than a Vulture with Jesse Sensibar

Thin Air Magazine (2018), Lands Shift and So Should Poems with Jake Skeets

Thin Air Magazine (2020 – forthcoming) Interview with Noam Dorr

Featured work from Flagstaff Live!:

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  • “Art of” series w/ Flagstaff Live!
  • “Yes Chef” series Arizona Daily Sun
  • Flagstaff Live!
  • Mountain Living Magazine
  • Arizona Daily Sun


W.M Burke Award, Northern Arizona University 2017

Miami Book Fair Emerging Writer Fellowship Honorable Mention 2021